1. Create a Memorial

Start with the basic information

2. Add a picture

Picture speak louder than words

3. Add a Biography

Tell thier story and legacy

4. Cemetery location

Include the cemetery address and plot number

Why Dar Al Maqama?

We provide you with two unique services on top of the memorial page

Dedicated Plate

A unique dedicated plate with the name of your loved one including the birth and death years laser engraved with a QR technology on a stainless steel (life guaranty)

GPS Directions to the headstone

Headstone coordinates pointing to the location of the headstone

An interactive tribute of your loved one

Share the memories and stories of your loved one. Allow the next generation connect with their ancestors in a new way and keep their memory forever using digital devices.


Start your own legacy

Tell your story, and leave a message to your friends and family. Design how you want others to remember you.


Get Directions to the cemetery

Make it easy for friends and family find the cemetery. Dar Al Maqama help you find the cemetery with a one click from your smartphone using GPS technology.

Add a dedicated plate and GPS coordinates to the headstone

Scan the dedicated stainless steal plate and get immediate access to your loved one memorial page. Get directions directly to the headstone using GPS coordinates on your mobile device.

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